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The job market has changed from recruiters looking for resumes to recruiters looking for the right people from the flood of CVs they receive!
Monster Assessments makes it easy for recruiters to hire right candidates by removing subjectivity from the hiring process. It allows candidates to complete a skills assessment or standardized test to objectively gauge their competency. Recruiters can assess candidates across General Aptitude, IT (including Coding), Non-IT & Behavior Skills. Whether you plan to hire job seekers at entry level, Mid-management or Senior Management, we have behavioral assessments as well as skill assessments for IT and non-IT segments. Some of the popular assessments include – General Aptitude (logical reasoning, verbal ability & more); IT (coding, technical aptitude, programming & more) Core Engineering (chemical, mechanical, electrical & more); and Non-IT (finance, management, sales & more).
Why Monster Assessments?
  • Over 5 years of rich experience in building assessments
  • Over 0.5 Million+ assessments completed
  • 100+ Satisfied Customers across APAC & Gulf.
  • 150 + types of roles assessed
  • Removes subjectivity from hiring process
  • Improves productivity
  • Simplifies a recruiter’s life
Save time and get the right fit for your organization with Monster Assessments!
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