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Wouldn’t you like Sourcing, Screening, Interview Scheduling and Offers – All in One?
With Q Hire, Monster can assist you to quickly expand workforce, hire critical business talent and build a proactive sourcing strategy. Q Hire is powered by AI-enabled semi-automated screening and matching engine. It offers Sourcing, Screening, Interview Scheduling – All in One. Once you sign up for Q Hire, the onus is on us. We take up the ownership of sourcing the right profiles (sourcing, screening, matching, qualifying) thus saving the significant time and effort of your acquisition team.
Why you should choose Monster Q Hire
  1. Better submission-to-interview ratios
  2. Higher interview turnout predictability
  3. Better Interview-to-Offer ratios
  4. Better Offer-to-Joinee Ratio
  5. Source candidates from Monster Database
  6. Improve TA team Productivity
  7. Fulfillment driven engagement
  8. Institutionalizing Recruiter Best Practices
  9. Access to Passive Candidates
Save time and efforts, and better your productivity with Monster Q Hire!
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