Social Job Ads

Choose from a large pool of candidates - Hire faster, Find Better with Social Job Ads
Social Job Ads is an integrated 360 Degree solution that maximizes your reach and drives great applies. It not only takes your social recruiting to the next level but also expands your social reach and brand awareness with job seekers.
It is one of its kind Job Ad, that provides a powerful potent mix of intelligent custom targeting via multi-level vehicles:
  • Facebook: FB Targeted Job Ad
  • Twitter: Monster Twitter Social Card
  • Instagram Targeted Ad
  • Google: SEM via keyword Targeting
  • Monster Database: JP Sponsored Listing, EDMs & SMSs
Why you consider Social Job Ads
  1. Exclusive:Social Job ads is exclusive, there is no other job portal which provides this solution
  2. Automated: An easy solution which requires a single click, so recruiters don’t need to do anything except post the job on the interface.
  3. Intelligent Targeting: Designed to target your audience based on the job requirement and which does not require your recruiters to know about social media targeting or search targeting
  4. Wider reach: Reach out to millions of candidates via desktop and mobile which may be passive
  5. Brand visibility: Gives visibility to your brand on social space. Allows you to reach a diverse mix of audience active in the social space.
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