Talent Bin

Great Tech Talent is out there. But where? We know where!
Talent Bin is a technical talent discovery tool which crawls relevant aggregated websites and gathers hard-to-find technical profiles which recruiters can engage with and hire, particularly software engineering talent.
Talent Bin turns the entire professional web into your sourcing database. It can find the candidates full professional web footprint, see a ranked list of a candidate’s technical skills, based on the intensity of that activity, all across the web and see the actual activity the candidate has engaged in.
What Talent Bin can do for you?
  • Discover: Uncover in-demand talent with a single solution
  • Engage: Reach out to tech professionals with usable contact information.
  • Acquire: Stay on top of your talent pipeline. Use integrated tools for maximum efficiency such as Integrated e-mailing, e-mail open tracking, click tracking etc.
  • Hire: Hire hard to find talent faster, easier and more efficiently
It can reach out to candidates using all available communication channels, which is where candidates hang out and respond to – mail & Social communication channels.
Find the unfindable Tech Talent that’s out there with Talent Bin!
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